Wisdom for Your
Soul's Journey


I’m Seo, a Shaman, coach and author who empowers women to move outside their comfort zones, manifest transformation and play big. As a coach, I go beyond strategy and embrace the WOO to help women change their lives so they can change the world on their own terms…and in their own way.

We all have magic within and my goal is to help you find it. See the path. Get support. Find your way. Let’s begin.  

Kind Words

I am grateful to Seo for guiding me and supporting me in my journey to become more visible and share the gifts I have. One session with Seo and she helped me outline the correct action steps that were aligned with my energy. Seo is highly intuitive and can help you understand your blockages and design specific action steps for you to move past them.


Seo is a best friend, cheerleader and voice of reason all in one. Her unique point of view has helped me to see my life and my business in new ways that allow me to be more productive and to better prioritize what’s important.


After working with Seo, I have a better understanding of myself. I have become more comfortable with taking risks. I am more willing to confront my fears and not let them stop me from trying new things. I have learned to focus on taking action and not fearing the outcome. The main thing is to try something and not to worry that it won’t be perfect because nothing in life is perfect.


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