Memoir of a Shaman: Kim Keum-Hwa

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An english translation of the memoir by a famous Korean shaman, the original edition in Korean has been out of print for over a decade.

Kim Keum-Hwa (1931-2019) was probably the most famous Korean shaman of our time. Born in a small village in the Hwanghae province of North Korea, Kim became an initiated shaman at the age of seventeen. After migrating to South Korea during the Korean War, she continued her life’s work as a mudang—a Korean shaman—through decades of social, cultural, and economic transitions of modern Korea. Through her dedicated work performing Korean Shamanic Rituals—“gut”—and teaching the wisdom of our ancestors, she received international recognition and the designation of Korea’s Intangible Cultural Property in the 1980s, and continued her work until her death in 2019.

The Memoir will be a full color paperback of approximately 300 pages with the text and  photos. The trim size will be 5.5 x 8.5.

  • Author: Kim Keum-Hwa (with new chapters by Kim Hye-Kyoung)
  • English Translator: Peace Pyunghwa Lee
  • Editor:  E. Ce Miller
  • Publisher: Seo Choi
  • Cover Photographer: Chanho Park

Please note the cover image and 3D mockup of the book shown here are FPO (For Presentation Only). The actual design process has not started and the final book may look different from these images.