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I am here to tell you, you’ve got the courage to take responsibility for your life and manifest the changes you want to make. You are ready to transform – and I’m here to support you and guide you. It’s time to play big, perform consistently and bring more magic into your world. Let’s do this! 

You will be transformed through mindset, energy, and action, so you can manifest your highest potential.

I blend strategy and spiritual mindset to help you:

    • Align Your Vibrations to Your Strategy… so you can feel amazing and joyfully in flow with your purpose.
    • Identify And Plan Your Actions… so you can confidently move forward toward success.
    • Perform Consistently… with intention and success!

All of my gifts and abilities support you through your transformation.

Sometimes, it’s psychic. Sometimes, it’s all business. Sometimes, it’s a combination of healing and business acumen.

Cultivate a more confident you and imagine the possibilities. Go towards the life you’ve been reaching for. Check out the sessions below to see what feels right to you.  

Shamanic Wisdom Session

During this collaborative session, I identify what you are calling in to manifest, receive any divine guidance available to support you, and uncover any block or obstacle that needs releasing. Each session is personalized for the client and the divine guidance. Depending on sessions, I may channel your spirit guides, review your past life wisdom, perform energetic healing or soul retrieval, prescribe a ritual, teach intuitive skills to practice, or help you strategize and plan for your next steps.

Clients usually leave feeling more grounded and focused about their next steps, trusting their own intuition more, and with more lightness and ease in their energy.

Spiritual Mentorship Session

For those who are going through spiritual expansion, you may be invited to work with me as your spiritual mentor. I will mentor and guide you to open or strengthen your connection to your higher self and spirit guides, hold a safe, protected space for you to explore and practice, connect you to resources and people to help you continue expansion, and help incorporate your spiritual gifts into your everyday life and work. You will be working with me on either bi-weekly or monthly basis (commitment of 6-sessions required).

Creative Services: When trying to manifest a creative vision into a reality, you need the combination of woo and process. Whether you need help unlocking your creativity and mindset to get inspiration and guidance for your new book or other creative project (gain clarity and inspiration in your vision), or you need help executing all the steps needed into making it reality with project management, resource connection, fundraising, pre-launch and launch, and marketing. My “Creative Doula” service will assist in your journey, wherever you are.

Space Clearing/Blessing Ritual

When the energy of the home or your business is clear and aligned, they can powerfully assist you in manifesting and healing. The blessing ritual for home or business will include a cleansing ritual to clear any negative or unwanted energies from your space and a blessing ritual to re-set the space with the better-aligned intentions and energies. The rituals will be followed by a brief intuitive session with me and I may channel your guides and advise you on things such as your sacred space, setting up ancestral altar, additional protections or boundaries, etc.

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